Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Once Upon A...You Know

Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales
A princess was waiting for my kiss
But one day while I sat around
Watching everyone else fall in love
I gave up, I stopped believing
That was the day I knew
There is no true love
There is only years of lies
Told to me at bedtime
Filling my head
Giving false hope
But then you came
& you kissed me
& I changed
I was a prince.
& I thought we'd live happily ever after
But you ended up being a wicked witch
& now that you're gone
I live happily ever after
With the princess you told me would never come.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I ask her where she's been all my life
She replies, "looking for you"
I blush, I only know because she tells me I am
Our hands intertwine
I use my other hand to brush her hair out of her face
She's gorgeous. I kiss her forehead.
I kiss her cheek.
I kiss her lips.
I look into her eyes.
She sees right through me.
She grins. I smile.
I want to lay here with her forever
I talk, she listens.
My heartbeat syncs with hers.
I wake up.
I look over & the other side of the bed is empty.
I sigh.
I lay back down.
& wonder who the girl from the dream is.
Maybe one day I'll know.

Friday, April 9, 2010

America: Extended Version

So, there's always been an extended version, but I thought it was lost forever. but, nope...I found it xD There's only like 15-20 extra lines than the original.

I’m from America …the land of the judgmental and home of the hypocrites
Where they tell you to speak your mind but to stay in your place
To leave your mark but not to stand out…
To make a change but not to challenge anything or anyone
Where they tell you no child is left behind oh, except the 33% who drop out
Or the 20 percent that graduate high school as funtionally illiterate
But not left behind in school, just life, but I guess that doesn’t matter as long as they graduate right?
I am from America …from a place where I’m just another statistic
Just one of the lucky 75% of teen girls without an STD
America , where I’m just another sad stereotype of urban youth
Where I’m more likely to pick up a gun than read a book
America , a place where it’s OK to just be yourself, but, only if yourself is like everyone else
Where change is just anarchy and rules are like laws, where conformity is an epidemic for which there is no cure
America , a place where you can marry the person you love…as long as you’re not the same sex
Where Mathew Shepard got what was coming to him and Rodney King got his, too
America , where nothing is, as it seems so you always have to read the fine print, where even if you win, you always lose something
Where if you just replace an “er” with an “a” a word can magically hold no history
Where for every step you take somebody pulls you 2 steps back.
America, where dignity doesn’t matter as long as you get what you want, and where honesty is just how well you can lie…
Where people don’t get that the definition of racism isn’t just Whites against Blacks, where everybody thinks somebody’s out to get them when we’re really just out to get ourselves
Where celebrities don’t have to achieve anything, just inherit it and they’re role models
Where 2 bombs make a right…
Where he said, she said goes farther than you’d think and where rumors can ruin you
America, where 4,599 people ages 10-24 ended their own lives, and 42 million babies got theirs ended by a right…to choose. More like the right to lose.
America, where hate is taught in your own backyard, where 3 nooses hang to prove we haven’t come very far.
Where Bratz dolls are what every little girl wants to look like and where Ken and Barbie are everybody’s perfect couple…
Where you can have a dream but only if you’re willing to die for it, where the past never dies, it just hides very well.
Where two million cocaine addicts can’t commit to12 steps and where 906,000 kids get hit and claim they ran into a door.
America, where Big Brother keeps an eye on you, but only if you’re doing something wrong.
America, where 2,070 animals were abused in 2006 alone, where for some people eating meat is wrong but that cute leather coat somehow isn’t…
Where 200 million people have MySpace and 53% of missing people were juveniles but one has nothing to do with the other, or so it seems.
Where children know how to use a computer before they know how to tie their shoes, where it’s easy for grown men to have the email address “sweetbabygirl97”.
Where 4 million wives and girlfriends get smacked around for “stepping out of line”.
Where looks and charm outweigh intelligence and capability, and where your kid is spewing curses before their ABCs.
America , where nannies raise children and children love nannies and sometimes-even daddies love nannies, which is probably why for every 1,000 people, married, 360 divorce.
Where crosses are just fashion and Kabbalah bracelets are just cute
Where the Great Depression couldn’t be fixed with just a bottle of Zoloft.
America , where Nixon wasn’t a crook and where Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.
Where 3 out of 4 little girls beg not to be touched anymore but their screams aren’t heard
Where over 1 million pre-k kids are on antidepressants, where the kids are more stressed out than their parents, where mommy drinks because she just can’t cope and where little Billy is the only 10 year old in rehab.
Where 1 in every 6 women will be raped, but she must’ve been asking for it right? Because only 6% of rapists every spend time behind bars.
But, yeah...this is the land of the free we're talking about...
Where 40 million are obese and 8 million are anorexic and magazines promote the perfect ammunition for low self esteem.
Where it doesn’t matter what you see in the mirror as long as you listen to what everybody says about you and where sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break your spirit…
Where for 38 years at least one girl dies per year from sorority hazing, 38 girls that just wanted to fit in
America , where your tax dollars pay for high-class hookers, no excuse me, escorts.
Where 41 shots rang out over a wallet and where the grass is always greener when you’re standing in a field of weeds…
Where sheep can be cloned but AIDS can’t be cured.
Where everybody hates on the president but I bet they couldn’t do his job and where everybody loves Raymond, but don’t know who the 16th president is.
America , where we’re all still slaves, slaves to ourselves, slaves to fashion, slaves to money, slaves to power…you get the picture.
America , where everybody wants to party like a rock star but none of them can name the members of the Republican Party
Where when it comes to politics common sense doesn’t matter as long as you have a Yale degree
America , where 107,000 of our future are in juvenile detention centers, how many of them are crying out for help and being ignored?
Where 4/20 is a holiday but 12/6 is not, wondering what that is? The day the 13 Amendment abolished slavery…mark that down.
Where 2,258,983 prisoners rot in jail and OJ is set free saying “I didn’t do it, but if I did
America , where Hoover promised “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” but
Where 3.5 million people don’t even have a home ‘cause everybody knows, love don’t pay the rent and money can buy love
America the beautiful, with its smog filled skies and barren waves of grain
Where 37.5 million immigrants came to be free, because everybody’s looking for the american dream and where in 2002 151 immigrants died trying…
Where the American dream has become a nightmare, where white picket fences have been replaced with picket signs
Where in the real world life doesn’t end with a happily ever after
America , where some people spend their whole lives trying to get to…and why? Because it’s America , who wouldn’t want to live here?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Untiltled Assignment

This was for my Creative Writing Final, senior year c/o 08 yeahhh boiiiii)

I've met this girl who lives on my block.
She smells like daisies and talks a lot.
I asked for her name and she said it's Jill.
She smiles like sunshine, with looks to kill.
I think that I've fallen head over heels.
This must be love, that's sure how it feels.
She comes around almost everyday
I start to stutter every word I say
Everyday I’m with her feels like summer
And when we’re apart it’s such a bummer
Her shoulder is cold but her embrace is hot
I say do you love me she said I do...not.
She says she’s just kidding and forms a grin
She kisses my forehead then kisses my chin.
We start to go steady and all is quite well,
But people are staring, I surely can tell.
She brushes away their looks without a word,
But I just can't ignore the things I have heard.
The whispers are growing, the rumors are too.
But nothing seems wrong so I don't know what to do.
Still, Jill is a beauty and I love her so.
Someday will be married, this fact I just know.
A nice Southern wedding with family for miles
So many people they’ll be in the aisles
As the months go by I only fall deeper
I decided I’ll try to do something to keep her
One summer night I propose under the stars
She says yes and this is where the problems start
We began to plan for the big event.
We need waiters, and singers, and food, and a tent.
Jill is excited to invite all her folks.
But here comes the trouble, HOLY SMOKES!
She says she wants uncle jim to stay
And Mary, and Lucy, and Todd and Faye.
But all of a sudden I realize with pain,
That our whole family is one in the same.
She asks "how can that be?" this must be a mistake.
But I am quite certain, there's nothing to fake.
I'm so shocked, and the tears fall by the dozen.
How the hell did I try to marry my cousin?

Friday, January 1, 2010


So, I guess maybe you're my karma
I told girls I loved them, I didn't
Not to hurt them, but because I wanted to love them
I thought I should so I said it.
Isn't that what you're doing to me?
You don't love me, you never did
But, you miss me? You think about me?
What is it you want from me?
Cause see this cat & mouse thing ain't workin
I loved you, so I set you free...& you came back
So, what does this all mean?
Cause I'm hanging from this cliff with 1 hand
Do I let go & just fall? Or hold on for dear life?
Knowing that I might end up falling anyway.
But also hoping that you'll come & save me.
Let you go or hold on? This choice is just as hard.
Just make sure if you want me to let go.
That you're ready, too.
Because next time I set you free & you come back
I won't be there. Make sure that's what you want.
Make sure you won't regret it.