Sunday, January 3, 2010

Untiltled Assignment

This was for my Creative Writing Final, senior year c/o 08 yeahhh boiiiii)

I've met this girl who lives on my block.
She smells like daisies and talks a lot.
I asked for her name and she said it's Jill.
She smiles like sunshine, with looks to kill.
I think that I've fallen head over heels.
This must be love, that's sure how it feels.
She comes around almost everyday
I start to stutter every word I say
Everyday I’m with her feels like summer
And when we’re apart it’s such a bummer
Her shoulder is cold but her embrace is hot
I say do you love me she said I do...not.
She says she’s just kidding and forms a grin
She kisses my forehead then kisses my chin.
We start to go steady and all is quite well,
But people are staring, I surely can tell.
She brushes away their looks without a word,
But I just can't ignore the things I have heard.
The whispers are growing, the rumors are too.
But nothing seems wrong so I don't know what to do.
Still, Jill is a beauty and I love her so.
Someday will be married, this fact I just know.
A nice Southern wedding with family for miles
So many people they’ll be in the aisles
As the months go by I only fall deeper
I decided I’ll try to do something to keep her
One summer night I propose under the stars
She says yes and this is where the problems start
We began to plan for the big event.
We need waiters, and singers, and food, and a tent.
Jill is excited to invite all her folks.
But here comes the trouble, HOLY SMOKES!
She says she wants uncle jim to stay
And Mary, and Lucy, and Todd and Faye.
But all of a sudden I realize with pain,
That our whole family is one in the same.
She asks "how can that be?" this must be a mistake.
But I am quite certain, there's nothing to fake.
I'm so shocked, and the tears fall by the dozen.
How the hell did I try to marry my cousin?

Friday, January 1, 2010


So, I guess maybe you're my karma
I told girls I loved them, I didn't
Not to hurt them, but because I wanted to love them
I thought I should so I said it.
Isn't that what you're doing to me?
You don't love me, you never did
But, you miss me? You think about me?
What is it you want from me?
Cause see this cat & mouse thing ain't workin
I loved you, so I set you free...& you came back
So, what does this all mean?
Cause I'm hanging from this cliff with 1 hand
Do I let go & just fall? Or hold on for dear life?
Knowing that I might end up falling anyway.
But also hoping that you'll come & save me.
Let you go or hold on? This choice is just as hard.
Just make sure if you want me to let go.
That you're ready, too.
Because next time I set you free & you come back
I won't be there. Make sure that's what you want.
Make sure you won't regret it.