Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love & Happiness

It's a lie & yet the truest thing I've ever known.
It brings you up just to beat you down.
Love is what the poets write about & the singers sing about.
It's what makes the artists kill themselves & the broken live again.
Love is what makes you wake up in the morning but what makes you want to sleep for days without it.
Love is what makes you want to put up walls just so someone will break them down.
Love makes everything clearer but makes everything harder to see through the haze.
Love makes you rush into things that you probably wouldn't have pursued otherwise.
So, love makes you do the things you'd be too scared to do.
Love knows that what you need & what you want sometimes coincide.
Love can make you feel pathetic and dependent but make you feel like you're not really alone.
Like, you can fly. Like you're a hero to someone, somewhere.
Like, you can do anything.
Love is a drug and I'm scared to become an addict.
Because then what would I do without it?

it's what had eluded me for years. It's a baby's smile.
It's the dream of mankind.
It's the vibrant pastel colors on the canvas.
It's what I've found in myself, after years of searching.
Happiness makes me want to cling to it for dear life.
Happiness makes me feel like a kid again.
But makes me feel like an old man who's lived a happy life on his deathbed with no regrets.
Happiness, happiness, it rolls off my tongue like a word I just learned and must commit to memory.
Happiness is like a friend I just met & can't get enough of.
Love & happiness are contradictions of epic proportions.

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